Realistic Grass 2 (UE4)




40 Photorealistic grass meshes designed to make environments look alive and natural, each meshes includes LODs meshes and materials to make them as optimized as possible. They also include adjustable wind strength, color variation and snow effect this helps to make the grass look more natural in all environments, as well as featuring character interaction this allows your players and vehicles the appearance of moving through the grass with a fully customizable effect. Desktop and mobile versions of all the grass meshes and materials, so you can use them on all platforms!

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Technical Details

Textures – 9
Meshes – 40
Features – Character Interaction, Wind System
Engine Compatibility – UE4.8, UE4.9, UE4.10, UE4.11
LODs – Yes
Collision – N/A
Tested Platforms – Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms – Windows, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

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