Start by opening your SGKv2 project in Unreal Engine 5.1 IT WILL CRASH while trying to open your project, this is fine. Close the crash window and navigate to your project’s files in Windows file explorer.

You will need to find the file for the map the engine starts up to, if you haven’t changed this it will be the Showcase file in the maps folder. If you have changed the startup map you will need to find the file for your map.

Once you have found it just move the file to your desktop like shown in the video below, we will readd it to the project later.

Now you can open the project again and it should start up this time. Once its starts don’t try to open anything yet!

Go to the Blueprints/Characters folder and open the BP_SGKGameMode like shown in the video below, it may take a while to load just wait.

Once the BP_SGKGameMode blueprint window is open you can close it. Then copy the video below exactly! Note: In the video I move the Components folder to the SurvivalGameKitV2 folder, not the Animations folder.

Now click Save All in the content browser and close the project. Go back to your projects files in Windows file explorer and put the map that we moved earlier back into your project in the folder that you found it in. If you using Showcase level move the file back to the Maps folder.

You can now open your project and it should be working correctly. Lastly just right click the SurvivalGameKitV2 folder in the Content Browser and select Fix Up Redirectors in Folder.

I do NOT recommend moving the Components folder back to Blueprints folder. This may cause the project to crash on startup. I’m not sure why this happens but moving the Components folder is the only way I have found that stops this issue.