Note – This guide will only work for Player Build System version 1.8.5 or newer!

Start by going to the E_ResourceType enum, open it and click the New button. Then name your new resource like the image below.

Next go to the PlayerBuildingComponent then click the Class Defaults button then copy the video below, this shows you how to set the player starting resource amount for your new resource.

In the video I set the new resource starting amount to 500 but you can set it to anything your like.

Next in the content browser go to the Blueprints folder and right click the MasterResource and select Create Child Blueprint Class. You can name the blueprint what ever you like but for this guide I have called mine IronResource. Next open the new blueprint.

First select the Resource Mesh component in the components panel and then in the details set the static mesh to the mesh you want your resource to use. The video below shows how to do this.

Next click the Class Defaults button and copy the video below to set the resource amount and set the resource name.

You can now save and drag this new resource blueprint from the content browser to place it in your level.

Lastly we can now set build parts to require this new resource.

Go to the BuildPartData and select the build part row you want to set the resource cost for. Then copy the video to set it to cost the new resource.

Once you have done that your all finished, you can now collect your new resource and place build parts that require the new resource.