Player Farming System includes sevral debug setting to help find whats blocking the placement of your plant, planter or tool objects. These settings can be found in the BP_PlayerFarmingComponent in the Class Defaults find the Debug category in the Farming Settings category. The settings show look like the image below.

Placement Issues

For issue with not being able to place your object I suggest enabling Debug Placement Collision, with that enabled when you try to place an object in game and its blocked, the name of the blocking actor will display on the screen to help you find what is blocking the placement.

In all the plants, planters and tools you will find a placement box component, this is the placement collision. Any actors overlapping this box will be checked to see if they block the Placement channel, if they do then placement will not be allowed, you can move and resize this box to meet you plants needs, if you have terrain thats bumpy you may want to increase its z location value a little so it doesn’t hit the ground.

Any component that has collision and is set to Block the Placement channel in their collision settings will block the placement of plants, planters and tools. Once you find the actor thats blocking placement you can set its components that have collision to Ignore the Placement channel.

If the text says Ground Check Failed it means that one or more of your ground check components are not hitting a surface, these components are used to make sure the object is placed on the ground instead of in the air.

Other Debug Settings

Object can have a max placement angle stopping the player from placing the object on steep surfaces, to see the current placement angle of the object while in game and previewing the objects placement enable the Debug Placement Angle setting.

To see the name of the actor that the interaction trace is hitting enable the Debug Interaction setting.