To change a plants Health settings go to the plants blueprint so for example the BP_TomatoPlant and select the BP_PlantComponent in the Components panel, then in the Details panel and inside the Plant Settings Category find the Health category like the image below.

Here you can change this plant’s Health settings, you can hover your mouse over each settings name to get a tooltip with more info about each setting.


Max Health allows you to set the plant maximum health value.

Starting Health is the health the plant will start with when the game begins or when the plant is placed.


You can enable or disable health regen using the Use Health Regen option.

Health Regen Time is how often in seconds the plant will regenerate the Health Regen Amount.

You can set if the plant requires a minumum amount of any stat before health regen will start. This allows you to set a min Fertilizer, Light, Water and Warmth amount before health regen will begin.

You can also set if the plant should regen health if its taking damage, like for example if the plant is sick or if the plant is taking damage from a stat being 0.