You only need to follow this guide if you are upgrading your UE4 version of Player Farming System to UE5 or a project that contains Player Farming System.

Make a backup of your UE4 project before following this guide!

If you are creating a new Player Farming System project from the Epic launcher select the UE5 engine version when creating the project and the project will already have all the changes made in this guide!

Once you have opened you UE4 version of your Player Farming System project in a UE5 copy the images below, locations at the tops of the images.

Copy the video below in the BP_MasterFarmingActor blueprint.

Next click save all in the content browser and close the project. Now go to your project files in the windows files explorer. This is the folder with the Content folder inside it.

Download the files linked below and then unzip the files and copy the video below.

Then open your project again and check you have the folder Content/PlayerFarmingSystem/Meshes/GeometryCollection in the Content Browser.

Next you will need to go to each plant blueprint and replace its Add Destructible Component nodes with Add Geometry Collection Component nodes in the Add Destruction Mesh function. There is an example of how to do this in the video below, these videos only show the BP_PotatoPlant as an example. You will need to repeat the process in the other plant blueprints.

When doing this in the other plant blueprints you will need to set the Rest Collection setting in each node to the geometry collection mesh for that plant, to see which one you should use mouse over the == node like I do in the videos above to see which geometry collection mesh you should use. I recommend copy and pasting the Add Geometry Collection Component nodes after the first one so you dont have to set the Damage and Collision settings for every node.

For the corn and carrot plants you may also want to untick the Enable Clustering setting in the Add Geometry Collection Component nodes.