Go to the BP_Door_03 and select the GeometryCollection in the Components panel, in the details panel find the Object Type setting inside the Chaos Physics category and set it to Kinematic.

Then with the GeometryCollection still selected in the Components panel find the collision settings and set them like the image below. Then save the blueprint.

You will need to repeat the process described above for all geometry collection components in the following blueprints.

NoteBlueprints with multiple geometry collection components you can hold Ctrl while selecting the each geometry collection component in the Components panel to select more then one at a time, this allows you to change setting for multiple components at the same time making the process a lot faster

  • BP_Door_04
  • BP_Door_03
  • BP_GarageDoor_01
  • BP_GarageDoor_02
  • BP_CoffeeTable_02
  • BP_Shower_01
  • BP_Shower_02
  • BP_Shower_03
  • BP_Garage_01
  • BP_House_03
  • BP_House_04
  • BP_House_05
  • BP_House_07
  • BP_House_08
  • BP_House_10
  • SM_House_02
  • BP_Window_01
  • BP_Window_02
  • BP_Window_03