Go to the location shown below in the image and add the highlighted nodes, location at the top of the screenshot. You will need to create a new custom event and call it playername.

Next go to the BP_SurvivalGameMode and create a new function called FindPlayerInventory. Add a new input variable type String and call the input PlayerName. Then add an output called PlayerInventoryComponent and set the variable type to BP_PlayerInventoryComponent then copy the image below.

Next create another new function in the BP_SurvivalGameMode called CommandGiveItem and add the inputs shown in the image below.

Then copy the image below in the new function.

Next in the BP_SurvivalGameMode event graph add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below. You will need to create 2 new custom events called giveitem and killplayer.

Learn how to use this new feature in the feature guide linked below.