This feature allows you to set a weapons damage to a specific build part.

First go to the BP_MasterWeapon and create a new Name variable called “Build Part Damage” and tick Instance Editable then follow the video below.

Next create a new function in the BP_MasterWeapon called Find Build Part Damage and set the inputs and outputs like the image shows below.

Then copy the image below in that function.

Next go to the location shown in the image below and add the highlighted nodes. Location at the top of the screenshot.

Now we are done you can go to any weapon holdable blueprint and search for Build Part Damage in the class defaults then copy the video below, Note the Name of the build part must be the exact same as the name of the build part in the build part list.

Below is an example video of setting the axe to do 1000 damage to the Wooden Foundation.