Link below to learn how to use this new feature

Start by creating a new Struct blueprint and call it S_SlotLimit then copy the image below. Making sure you set the default value for Index to -1 like in the image.

Next go to the BP_MasterInventoryComponent and create a new variable called Slot Restrictions and set the variable type to S_SlotLimit then set it to an array then tick Instance Editable. It should look like the image below.

New in the BP_MasterInventoryComponent create a new function called SlotRestrictionCheck and add 2 inputs the first called Check Item with a variable type of S_ItemInventory and the second call Index with a variable type of Integer. Then create 1 output called Allow with a variable type of Bool. Like the image below.

Next create 3 new local variables the first called CategorysL with a variable type of E_ItemCategorys and set it to an array. The second call AllowL and set to a Bool. Like the images below. The third call Slot Found L and set the type to bool.

Next copy the image below inside the Slot Restriction Check function.

Next you need to add the new function in the places shown below, locations at the tops of the screenshots.