Go to the BP_SurvivalInventoryInterface and copy the video below.

Then compile and close the blueprint and click the play button, this will recompile all the blueprints. The engine may freeze for a while it has not crashed its just compiling.

Once in game you can now exit. Then go to the BP_MasterBuildPart and create a new variable called Crafting Actor set it to a Boolean and set the default value to false. The find the CraftingActor function it will be under the interfaces tab in the My Blueprint panel in the BP_MasterBuildPart and copy the image below.

Next go to the BP_CraftingBenchBuildPart and then class defaults and search for the Crafting Actor variable and set it to True (ticked on).

Next go to the BP_CraftingBench and find the CraftingActor function in the Interfaces tab in the My Blueprint panel. Then copy the image below.

If you have added any of your own actors that effect the crafting recipes you will need to do the same as we just did with the BP_CraftingBench.

Last go to the BP_CraftingMenu and add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below.