Create a new copy of survival game kit downloaded from the launcher. Once you have done this download the files linked below

Go to the project files of the new project you created, this will be where the Content file is. Unzip and copy and paste the content folder from the files you downloaded to the project file you will be asked it you want to replace the files select yes. This project will be used to copy functions that need to be replaced in your project.

Once this is done go to the folder the you downloaded from the link above and open them and find and delete the components folder.

Next after you have made a backup of your own project, follow the same steps as you did with the new project you created from the launcher.

Next open both your project and the new project you created. Once you are in your project you will have errors. First go to the player inventory component in your project then to the Load Save Game function.

Then highlight everything in the function and delete it, then delete the local variable as well.

Next go to the same function in the new project you created. Now copy everything in that function and paste it in to the load save game function in your project.

Next make sure you connect the beginning node of the function back up like the image below.

Next in the code you just paste find the variable shown in the image below

Right click it and select the Create Local Variable option.

Then find the Set Inventory 2 collapsed nodes again this will be in the code you just pasted in and will look like the image below

double click on it and inside it delete the grayed out node, then right click somewhere not on any node and search for Inventory Save L select the get one and connect it up like the image below.

Next in the Load Save Game function there will be another collapsed nodes called Set Weapon Inventory_2 like the image below.

Open it and follow the video below

Next compile, and you errors should be gone for the player inventory component. If not check though the code and make sure you have followed all the steps

Next in your project go to the BP_StorageInventoryComponent then to the Load Save function and again delete all the nodes. like shown in the video below.

And delete all the local variables as well, Once done again in the new project you created go to the same place and like we did before copy all the nodes from its Load Save function and paste them in to your projects load save function.

Once you have pasted in all the node to your project remember to connect the beginning node of the function like in the image below.

Now follow the videos below

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Next go back to the load save function and follow the videos below

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Once this is done compile, and play test your game, if you get an error from the BP_MasterRangeWeapon click the link on the error this will take you to a Add Item node just right click on this node and select the Refresh Node option and compile the BP_MasterRangeWeapon.

You are now done, make sure you select the save system in your level and select delete save as the old save files will no longer work correctly and may cause errors.