You can find most of the character death settings in the BP_PlayerInventory then go to the Class Defaults and search for Death. and you will see settings below.

Clear Inventory on Death – If true the players inventory will be empty when they respawn, if false they will respawn with all there items and clothing.

Death Sound – Is a sound played when the character dies

Clear Learned Recipes on Death – If true all the learned crafting (This will only effect learned recipes) will be gone when the player respawns and they will only have the Starting Recipes also set in the BP_PlayerInventory then in Class Defaults.

Delete Player Save on Death – If true the players save data will be deleted from the current save game, this will only effect the players character save data and not the worlds or other players.

Dead Body Despawn Time – This is the amount of time after death the player character dead body will be destroyed along with any of its stored items.

Death Animations – These are the animations the character will play when it dies, it will randomly select one of the animations.

The last setting is in the BP_CharacterComponent in the Class Defaults search for death and you will see the image below.

Is Lootable on Death – If true the other players will be able to take items from the death characters body, if false then players wont be able to take items from the characters dead body.