Make a backup of your project before following this guide, editing structs can cause issues.

Go to the S_LockSave struct add a new variable, set this variable to a Vector and Call it OwnerLocation. It should look like the image below.

Save the S_LockSave then play in editor (This compiles the projects blueprints and may take a while to load) once the character loads in you can exit the game. Then press the save all button in the content browser, once everything is saved restart the project. This gives us the best chance to not break any structs.

Next add the highlighted nodes in the image below, location at the top of the screenshot. You will need to create a new local variable, variable type Vector and call it LocationL. You can create local variables in the My Blueprint panel.

Next go to the location shown below and add a new vector output to the function and connect the OwnerLocation like the image shows then compile.

Next copy the images below by adding the highlighted nodes, location at the tops of the screenshots. You will need to create a new variable called LocationTimer and set it to type Timer Handle.

Part 1
Part 2