Before following if you Survival Game Kit V2 project is older then 2.1.3 then make sure you have the changes in the following guide.

Go to the S_ConsumableDetails and create a new variable called Has Use Amount and set it to a Boolean.

Next save the S_ConsumableDetails and then play in editor (This makes the engine compile the effected blueprints) this may take a while to load, just leave it. Once the character loads in to the game you can exit play in editor and click save all in the content browser. Then restart the project.

Add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below, location at the top of the image.

Then go to the ItemList and find the Consumable_HealthDrink and in its Consumable Details set Has Use Amount to True (Ticked on). Then do the same for the Consumable_WaterBottle as well.

If you have any of your own consumable items that has a Use Amount greater then 1 you will also have to set the Has Use Amount to True in the ItemList.