Go to the BP_ControlSaves blueprint and create a new variable called MouseSense and set it to a Float.

Then set the MouseSense variable’s Default Value to 1.

Go to SGKGameInstanceInterface and copy the videos below.

Go to the BP_SGKGameInstance and add a new variable called MouseSense and set its Type to Float.

Add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below, location at the top of the image.

Go to the BP_SGKFunctions and create a new function called UpdateMouseSense then add a new input to the function called MouseSense and set its type to Float. Now create a new local variable called SaveL and set its type to BP_ControlSaves Then copy the image below.

Next go to the BP_NumericalTextBox and copy the images below, locations at the tops of the images.

Go to the BP_SGKMasterCharacter and copy the image below.

Go to the BP_SGKMenuController and add the highlighted nodes shown below.

Lastly go to your project files in the windows file explorer and in the Saved folder find the SaveGames folder and in that folder delete the Controls file.