After placing a Key Lock on a door/window shutter the Key lock allows the owner to open and close doors and window shutters without a key as well and unlock and lock them. When unlocked any player can open and close them. If the lock is locked the owner and key holders can still open and close the door, but non owners and players without keys will not be able to open or close the door.


Key locks can only have one owner and thats the player that placed it, this means plot poles wont add new owners to the key lock, they must have keys to open/close or lock/unlock.


The owner can also create keys for a lock to give to other players, once another player has the key to a lock they can open and close it and lock and unlock it. Only the owners can create keys! Key items are unique to there lock and will only open the lock they where created for.

Please note key items can not be containers, clothing or weapons. To make a key be a key item tick on Is Key in the ItemList for that item, this setting is found in the consumable details section.

To set the key item for a key lock go to the BP_KeyLock blueprint then go to the SGK Interact function and change the Item ID input of the create new item function to the row name of the item you want to use. You do not need to create a new key item if you create a new lock you can re use the included key item.