First MAKE A BACKUP OF YOU PROJECT! before you follow this guide

This change has been made due to a strange crash in Unreal Engine 5.1 when opening the project.

I have found the only way to stop this happening is to move the Components folder out from the Blueprints folder and into the SurvivalGameKitV2 folder in the content browser.

Just copy the video below in your project.

Next play in editor, this may take awhile to load as the engine is compiling blueprints, once the character loads in you can exit play in editor (If the engine crashes during this just reopen your project and play in editor again) . I suggest clicking save all in the content browser and restarting the engine.

Once you open your project backup you might have an empty Components folder remaining inside the Blueprints folder, check that it is empty and if it is you can delete it (There may be an empty FoliageComponents folder inside this is fine you can delete that).

I do NOT recommend moving the Components folder back to Blueprints folder. This may cause the project to crash on startup in Unreal Engine 5.1. I’m not sure why this happens but moving the Components folder is the only way I have found that stops this issue.