Download the files below and unzip them. Then go to the SurvivalGameKitV2/Sounds/Wav folder import them into the project.

Next copy the video below.

Next go to each of the new sound Cues you just created and do what the video below shows.

Next if you want items to have a drop sound (This is played when the player drops the item out of an inventory) go to the ItemList and copy video below for every item in the ItemList, you can copy and paste like the video shows to speed this up.

Next copy the videos below.

Next go to the BP_M4A4 and copy the video below, then do the same for the BP_M1911 and BP_P1982.

Next go to the Project Settings and copy the video below. Then click the save all button in the content browser and restart the project.

Next go to the SurvivalGameKitV2/Materials/PhysicsMaterial folder and copy the video below.

Then copy the videos below, locations at the tops of the videos.

There is no stone hit sound yet, this will be added in a future update.

Next go to the BP_PlayerBuildingComponent and create a new variable called PlaceSound and set its type to Sound Base. Then tick on the Instance Editable option and set its default value to S_Build_Cue.

Then in the Placement collapsed node create a new custom event called ClientPlaceSoundEffect and set it to Run On Client and tick Reliable. Then copy the images below.