In Survival Game Kit V2 there are 2 places damage can be set depending on your weapons settings. The first place is in your weapons holdable bp, like for example the BP_M4A4 once there go to the Class Defaults and search for Damage.

If Use Ammo Damage Value is ticked on then the damage values the range weapon will use are set in the ItemList in the Ammo Details of the ammo its firing. I will show a screenshot of this later in the guide. This is only for range weapons, melee weapons damage is set in the holdable blueprint class defaults like shown in the image below.

If Use Ammo Damage Value is ticked off then the damage values set in the holdable bp will be used.

Damage – Here you can set the min and max damage value the weapon will do to all the possible hitboxes. The damage will be random between the min and max value, if you dont want random values set them to the same number.

Damage Type – This is used for the armour and durability of equipment item, depending on the weapons damage type equipment items can provide more of less armour and take more or less durability damage. These values can be set in the equipment items Equipment Details in the ItemList.

To add a new Damage Type go to the E_DamageType and click the New button and set its name then save.

Apply Bleed Damage – If true the weapon will cause a bleed damage effect on hit targets, this will only effect players not build parts.

Bleed Tick Time – This is how often the bleeds damage will happen to the hit actor.

Randomly Apply Bleed – If true then the bleed will be applied randomly to hit actors so sometimes no bleed will be applied.

Bleed Tick Damage – This is the min to max value the bleed will damage for, if you dont want a random value set the values to the same number.

Bleed Apply Chance – This is only used if Randomly Apply Bleed is ticked on. 1 would be the bleed would always be applied 0 would be the bleed is never applied.

Bleed Length – This is how long the bleed effect will last for.

Damage for range weapons can also be set in the Ammo Items then in Ammo Details in the ItemList as stated above. Here you can also set the projectile and speed of the projectile more info on this (here)

Here you can also set the Damage Type which will be used if in the holdable bp Use Ammo Damage Value is ticked on.