Make a backup of your project before following this guide! Go to the Enums folder in the content browser, then click copy the video below.

Then open it and copy the image below, click the New button to add new entries.

Next go to the BP_SmartAIComponent and create a new variable called Acceptable Radius then copy the video below.

Then compile the blueprint and copy the next video.

Once done compile and save the blueprint. Then save your whole project and close it.

Next go to the link below and download and unzip the folder, then copy the new folder that you unzipped and then navigate to your project files (This is where the content, Config and Project Shortcut files are located) and paste in the folder you copied.

You will be asked to replace existing files in the folder click Replace the files in the destination one the copy is done you are finished you can open your project.

Find out how to use this new feature in the feature guide below.