To use the Wave Spawner first make sure that Enable Spawn AI is ticked On and if you are using the spawner in a level with a static mesh floor you must add that mesh to the Floors array for that spawner to work.

The first new setting in the wave spawner is the WaveSpawnAI array, here you can set the AI that will be spawn for each wave as well as how many of them are spawned and there Damage Multiplier.

In the image above you can see that the first wave (wave 0) is set to spawn 1 civilian and 1 deer with a Damage Multiplier of 1. If I wanted to add the setting for the next wave I would click the + in the green box, and if I wanted to add another AI to spawn in wave 0 I would click the + in the green box.

Damage Multiplier is how much additional damage the AI spawned by that wave will do. If set to 1 the AI will do 100% of its normal default damage. So if you want the AI to do its normal damage amount leave this at 1. If you want the AI to do more damage increase this amount, for example 1.2 would mean the AI would do 20% more damage then its normal damage amount.

Next there is the Total Waves and Unlimited Waves options. Total waves is the number of waves the spawner will spawn and once its finished it will not longer spawn any more AI.

If Unlimited Waves is ticked on then it will endlessly spawn AI waves.

Waves Respawn Time is the time between waves being spawned.

Lastly is the Linked Wave Spawners, this allows you to link wave spawners together so that they will all only spawn there next wave if all the other wave spawners AI are dead as well as there own AI. This allow you to have many wave spawners around a level but have the all spawn waves together. If you want the spawners to work together you must add all of the wave spawners in all of there Linked Wave Spawners variables.