1.0 Summary

1.1 Patch Notes

1.1.1 Hotfix

1.1.2 Hotfix (Live)

1.1 Patch Notes

We want to stress that the AI is still very much in development and is being improved all of the time, we will continue to improve all aspect of this pack as time goes on. our main focus for the near future is improving the AI’s combat abilities, we are aware that this aspect of the system is still in a early state but we wanted to get this update out to you guys to get feed back and to see what you guys are able to do with the AI.

Thanks to everyone for there support and patience.

Compatible engine versions – 4.11+

– Enemy AI added (In development)

  • AI will build there own base
  • Manage resources
  • Recruit units
  • Repair buildings
  • Defend base
  • Rebuild Destroyed Buildings
  • Attack other AI players
  • Attack Player

– Tower building type added

  • Tower will attack enemy units in range
  • Adjustable Damage

– Barracks building type added

  • Barracks can recruit soldiers
  • Barracks upgrades can increase soldiers damage and health

– Soldier units type added

  • Soldiers can attack other units and buildings
  • Damage can be adjusted
  • Melee Damage

– Combat system added

  • Units and buildings now have health values
  • Health bars above units and buildings
  • Adjustable damage and health
  • Units have detection range that can be adjusted
  • Units set to flee mode will run away  when attacked

– Over hulled UI

– Game can now be sped up and slowed down using the time controls in the UI

– Resource spawning zones fixed

– Camera default values improved

– Buildings health and damage can be upgraded with upgrade function

– Improved stability

– Additional commenting

1.1.1 Hotfix


Compatible Engine Versions – 4.19+


  • Fixed UE4.19 Bug with reroute nodes effecting get class defaults

1.1.2 Hotfix (Live)


More updates will be coming soon


  • Fixed resources not deducting
  • Fixed Tower resource cost
  • Fixed UE4.21 upgrade
  • Fixed AI teams above 1 not working