1. Navigate to the blueprints folder, then open the items folder and open the CraftingRecipesData.


2. Click the plus highlighted in red to add a new recipe, then name the row we recommend keeping the same naming convention as the included crafting row names.

3. Highlighted in blue is the recipes settings, first set the recipe name. This is the name the player will see in the crafting menu.

4. Crafted ID is the id of the item that you want the recipe to create, to find an items id go to the itemdata data table and the id is the row name of the item that you want. Crafted count is how many of the item will be created when this recipe is used.

5. Craft time is how long the item will take to craft in seconds.

6. Category is were the recipe will be when the player uses the filter buttons on the crafting menu.

7. Needed item Id is the id of the items that are required for the player to have to craft this recipe and the count is how many of the item you will need, if you dont want to have 4 items required to craft an item just leave those needed item ids blank.

8. Once this is done you should see your new recipe in the players crafting menu.