You only need to follow this guide if you are upgrading your UE4 version of Survival Game Kit V1 to UE5.

Make a backup of your project before following this guide!

If you are creating a new Survival Game Kit V1 project from the Epic launcher select the UE5 engine version when creating the project and the project will already have all the changes made in this guide!

Once you have opened your UE4 version of your Survival Game Kit V1 project in UE5 follow the instructions below.

Start by downloading the files linked below, then unzip them and copy the video below.

Next open your project and make sure the files in the ChaosMeshes and DestructionBuildParts folder are there.

Next copy the video below, location at the top of the video.

Next go to the BP_MasterDestructionBuildPart blueprint and compile it, then copy the video below, location at the top of the video.

Next close and reopen the project and copy the video below. The video below is an example, you will need to go though each build part in the BuildPartList and set its Destruction setting to its Destruction blueprint, note some build part wont have a Destruction blueprint you can leave their Destruction setting as None.

Next copy the videos below to fix not being able to move when holding a weapon/holdable blueprint.

Next go to the BP_MasterBuildPart and create a new function called SpawnDestructionBuildPart then copy the image below.

Then go to the location shown in the image below and delete the nodes that are there and replace them with the new function like the image below.

Next copy the videos below.

This next videos are in the BP_MasterRangeWeapon

Now copy the videos below in the campfire blueprints.

Make sure to check the Patch Notes for changes that have the (UE5) tag as these will be important changes made specifically for Unreal Engine 5.