To change the inventory settings of the player go to the BP_PlayerInventory and then to the Class Defaults and search in the Details panel for Player Inventory Details.

Can Contain Items – This should always be true, this means the players inventory (Without clothing) can store items.

Container Name – This is the UI name that will appear in the players inventory list in the HUD

Container Inventory Cells – This is the number of inventory slot the inventory will have (This is only when NOT using a Custom Grid Layout!)

Container Columns – This is the number of slots wide the inventory will be (This is only when NOT using a Custom Grid Layout!)

Use Weight – If true the player inventory will use max weight.

Max Weight – Is the max weight the player can store in the own inventory (Not including clothing)

Container Type – This should be left as None for player inventories

Allow Container Window – This is not used for player inventories

Use Item Count Limit – If true the players inventory (Not including equipment inventories) will be limited to having a set amount of item contained inside it.

Item Count Limit – If Use Item Count Limit is true this is the limit of items allowed in the player inventory.

Custom Grid Layouts – This is how you set custom grid layouts, you can see the full list of included custom grid layouts (here). These override the Container Inventory Cells and Container Columns settings and have there own already setup.

To clear the Custom Grid Layout and use the Inventory Cells and Container Columns settings instead copy the video below.

Starting Items – This allows you to set items that are added to the player inventory if there is space to add them. NOTE – if the item is to large to fit into the inventory it won’t be added! Also the starting items set here only effect the player inventory (The POCKETS inventory) not the clothing items they are wearing. For more info check out the Survival Game Kit (Container Items) video.