To customize the plant info panel you can go to the BP_PlantInfoPanel, this is the widget used to display the Plants information in game.

Each of the plant stat widget have some basic customization settings you can change, such as fonts and text color settings. To find these settings just select one of the stat widgets in the Designer view and you will see the settings in the details panel like shown below.

Note – Some of the stat widgets will have different settings from the options shown in the image above.

The low and non low color settings allow you to change the color the text will be if the stat is low or not low, the low value is determined by the Low Value Percent setting, if set to 20 when the stat is below 20% of its max value it will use the low color. You can disable this behavior by unticking the Use Low Color.

Here you can also change the order of the stat widgets by selecting them and using the arrows to move the widget up or down in the vertical box.

There are also a number of UI settings in the BP_PlantComponent such as the plant name and icon. For more info on those settings check out the guide linked below.

If you want to make additional modification to the stat widgets past the settings available in the BP_PlantInfoPanel you can select the stat widget and click the Edit “Widget name” link in the Details panel shown in the image below.

Please note if you do not know how widgets work then I strongly suggest watching the videos on it and making backups before making changes as you can break you project. Any changes you make past the customization settings you will have to workout your self as that is no longer PFS specific but is instead to do with UE5 and Widgets blueprints.