To change a plants Vegetable settings go to the plants blueprint so for example the BP_TomatoPlant and select the BP_PlantComponent in the Components panel, then in the Details panel and inside the Plant Settings Category find the Vegetable category like the image below.

Here you can change this plants Vegetable settings, you can hover your mouse over each settings name to get a tooltip with more info about each setting.


If Produce Vegetable Resources is true the plant will grown vegetables.

If Start Vegetables Fully Grown is true when the game starts or when the plant is placed it will start with its vegetables fully grown

Vegetable Resource allows you to set the vegetables that this plant will grown along with a min and max amount of that vegetable. You can add multiple vegetables to the Vegetables Resource like shown in the image below. To add new vegetable resources use the + button, to remove existing ones click the down arrow next to the index.


Vegetable Growth Time is the number of seconds it will take for the plant to grow the vegetables and Max Vegetable Growth is the max growth amount the vegetables will be when fully grown.

Vegetable Growth speed can also be effected by the growth multiplier, if the growth multiplier is 1 then the Vegetables will grow at its standard speed, if the value is 2 then the plant will grow x2 as fast.

Water, Fertilizer, Warmth and Light can effect the growth multiplier those settings can be found in those stats settings categories. This setting is called Vegetable Growth Speed Multiplier in each stats category. Setting this to 0 will mean that stat has no growth speed effect on the plants growth

Starting vegetable growth multiplier is the standard speed vegetables grow, e.g. if set to 2 it will grow twice as fast.


You can set here the requirements for the vegetables growth such as if it requires water and how much water it requires, this is the same for warmth, light and fertilizer. If the plant doesnt meet any of these requirements then vegetable growth will stop.

If Only Produce Vegetables when Fully Grown is true then the plant will not grow vegetables until the plant itself is fully grown.


If Hide Vegetable Growth UIWhen Fully Grown is true once the vegetables are fully grown the vegetable grown panel in the plant UI will hide.

Vegetable UIText is the name that will display in the vegetable panel in the plant UI.

Vegetable Icon is the icon that will display in the vegetable panel in the plant UI.

Vegetable Growth Stages