1.0 Summary

1.1 General Information

1.2 Migration Tutorial

1.3 Add Build Type Tutorial

1.1 General Information

Player Building Template is a system that is designed to add easy player construction to developers projects. The system includes 7 different building types, foundation, piller, wall, ceiling, stairs, window, doorway and delete. The system is fully multiplayer compatible and can be extended easily using the included blueprints.

1.2 Migration Tutorial

Player Build System is now much easier to add to your own characters as it now contained in a component class, this mean instead of spawning a new actor for the building system it is attached to your character.

1. First Navigate to the character you want to add the building system to.


2. Click the Add Component button and search for Player Building System (The component name was change after the image above was taken), then add this component.

3. Once this is done navigate to the included first or third person character blueprint and copy the highlighted nodes shown in the image below.


4. Paste these nodes in to your own character blueprint. (If you are already using the event beginplay node in your own code then connect these nodes to that).

5. In your character blueprint make a variable with the type S_BuildPartInfo.

6. Copy the highlighted nodes and paste them in to your own characters blueprint  in order red then blue (This will avoid having to make custom events)



7. Copy The nodes shown below and paste them in to your own characters blueprint.




8. Copy these nodes and paste them in to your own character bp this tells the system what slot your have selected

9. Copy each of the nodes that look like this, to change the build type that a button selects change the Row name to the one that you want the button to select.

1.3 Adding Build Types

1. Navigate to the Build Types folder inside the blueprints folder then open the Build_Types_Data blueprint.


2. Add a new build type by clicking the + button highlighted.

3. Then  Rename this row by changing the text in the green highlighted box, make sure this is a recognisable name.

4. Then select the build type you want to use highlighted in the blue, this is where the build type will snap to in the game.

5. Next select the wood and stone cost as well as the mesh, this is highlighted in yellow, please note that the mesh will need to match or be similer to the induced meshes to work correctly and avoid gaps in the building.


6. After finishing the other steps save the Build_Type_Data and Navigate to the player building system blueprint in the blueprints folder.

7. Once here simply change the row name of node highlighted in blue to change that keys build type.