You only need to follow this guide if you are upgrading your UE4 version of Survival Game Kit V2 to UE5.

Make a backup of your UE4 project before following this guide!

If you are creating a new Survival Game Kit V2 project from the Epic launcher select the UE5 engine version when creating the project and the project will already have all the changes made in this guide!

Once you have opened you UE4 version of your Survival Game Kit V2 project in a UE5 copy the videos below, the blueprint name is in the left top corner of the videos.

Next go to the BP_MasterBuildPart and copy the video below.

Next add the highlighted nodes shown below, locations at the tops of the images.

To connect the Get Components By Class node to the Set Visibility node see this (video)

Next download the files linked below, close your project and place the downloaded files into the Meshes folder in your project files like the video below shows . Then reopen the project and check that the ChaosMeshes folder is in the Meshes folder in the Content Browser.

Now you will need to go though each build part blueprint (which you can find in the Blueprints/BuildParts folder in the content browser) and assign the correct chaos mesh to the geometry collection component like the video below.

Note – You will need to do this for all the build part blueprints not just the ones shown in the videos, that is an example! Some build part blueprints will require extra steps, I have included videos for them below.

You do not need to do this for any of the Master Build Part blueprints.

Above is an example of what you will need to do in the rest of the build part blueprints

Below are videos of the build part blueprints that require extra steps.

Next select the GeometryCollection component in the BP_MasterBuildPart and untick Visible, like the image below

Next go to the M_Placement material and tick on the setting shown below.

Add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below, location at the top of the image.

Might remove, needed to be added due to strange crash with Box Overlap Actors node

Add the highlighted nodes shown in the image below, location at the top of the image.

To plug the Get Components by Class node into the Destroy Component node copy the video here

The Next section changes the system to use Niagara effects for particles instead of Cascade.

Download the files linked below and unzip them, then close your project and copy the video below.

Open the project and go to the Effects folder in the content browser and make sure the new Niagara effect files are there. They will have the _Converted in their names.

Now go to the blueprints shown in the images below and in the Class Defaults set the Hit Surface Particles like the images.

Connect the nodes like the image below.

Make sure to check the Patch Notes for changes that have the (UE5) tag as these will be important changes made specifically for Unreal Engine 5.