Player Building System V2

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Player Building System V2 brings all the features of the original built from scratch to be easier to use, customize and extend using a component socket system to make adding and editing build parts easy! It also features a new Top Down camera view, 3 tiers of build parts (Wood, Stone and Metal) as well as a new resource system that fully supports the UE4 foliage painter tool.


  • Multiplayer Support
  • Building Ownership, Repair, Pickup and Demolishing
  • Save System (Does not support World Composition)
  • Destructible Build Parts
  • Instance Resource Harvesting
  • First, Third and Top Down Camera
  • Code Locks
  • Interactable Build Parts
  • Wood, Stone and Metal Build Parts
  • Damage System
  • Collapsing Destroyed Build Parts
  • Grid Snapping Building
  • Free Placement Building
  • Ownership/Permissions
  • Fully Commented/Documented


If I own Player Building System V1 can I get a discount/refund when I buy V2

If you bought Player Building System V1 after the 1st January 2021 and you buy Player Building System V2 you can contact me with the receipts for both Player Building System V1 & V2 and I will ask Epic to refund you for Player Building System V1. If you bought Player Building System V1 before the 1st January 2021 then no sorry, no discount or refund is available.

Will Player Building System V1 still get updates?

Yes, it will still get engine updates and bug fixes. It will also be updated to use the new Chaos Destruction system once it is released.

Can I upgrade a Player Building System V1 project to V2?

No, Player Building System V2 is a new project that uses totally new different code and is not an update to Player Building System V1 so there is no update path from a Player Building System V1 project.

Number of Blueprints: 125
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Support: Yes
Support Development Platforms: Windows, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac
Additional Notes:  APEX Destruction Plugin Must Be Enabled! (Default Enabled)