Survival Game Kit V2

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Survival game kit V2 brings all the features of the original with massive changes like a “Jigsaw” style inventory system, projectile based weapons and a full main menu and in game menu system just to name a few. V2 also includes Player Building System V2 a brand new player building system built from scratch for the needs of new modern survival games.


  • Multiplayer Support
  • “Jigsaw” Style Inventory
  • Player Building System V2
  • Custom Inventory Slot Layouts
  • Main/In Game Menu
  • Weapons (Melee/Range)
  • Weapon Attachments
  • Save System (Does not support World Composition)
  • Building Ownership, Repair, Pickup and Demolishing
  • Destructible Build Parts
  • Campfire, Crafting Bench, Wood Chest, Vendors, Furnace & Bed (Respawn Point)
  • First/Third Person
  • Armour System

Check out the Full Feature List

  • Container Items (Store Items Inside Other Items)
  • Full Equipment System
  • Item Durability/Repairing
  • Item Crafting
  • Crafting Queue System
  • Aim Offsets (Procedural & Standard modes)
  • Instance Resource Harvesting
  • Respawn System
  • Fall Damage
  • Sprinting
  • Starvation & Dehydration
  • Weight System
  • Bleed Damage
  • Expandable Interaction System


If I own SGK V1 can I get a discount/refund for to buy V2?

No sorry, SGK V2 is not an update its a new project coded from scratch which took almost a year to develop. SGK V1 will still get engine updates, bug fixes and general improvements as its has for almost 2 years and as a side note Epic does not give marketplace sellers a way to give people discounts or a way to give existing customers discounts. If you have questions please feel free to email me at:

Can I upgrade a SGK V1 project to V2?

No, SGK V2 is a new project that uses completely different code and is not an update to SGK V1 so there is no upgrade path from V1.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 206
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Support: Yes
Support Development Platforms: Windows, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac
Additional Notes:  APEX Destruction Plugin Must Be Enabled! (Default Enabled)

2 thoughts on “Survival Game Kit V2

  1. Levie Williams IV says:

    Do you know of a tutorial that can help with merging sgk2 and alsv4. saw one for sgk1 but as you’ve said it a new system.

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