Player Building System V1

Available Now

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Patch Notes


Player Building Template is designed to work out of the box to give developers an easy and fast way to add building features to their games. Easy to add to any project and including first and third person character blueprints to suit any needs!


  • Multiplayer Support
  • Save System
  • First/Third Person Camera Toggle
  • Grid Building System
  • Resource System
  • Build Types (Foundation, Wall, Window, Piller, Stairs L, Stairs U, Floor, Door, Window, Ramp, Decoration)
  • Customizable UMG UI
  • Damage System
  • Upgrading
  • Repairing
  • Ownership/Permissions
  • Wood and Stone Buildings
  • Delete System (Realistic, Unrealistic and collapsing)
  • Easy to use data tables

Technical Details

Blueprints – 22
Meshes – 7
LODs – No
Average Poly Count – (10 – 400)
Collision – Yes
Tested Platforms – Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms – Windows, Mac

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