Survival Inventory

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Unreal Engine



Patch Notes


Survival Game Kit is a great template to start the development of your own game. Designed to be Customizable and easy to use and multiplayer compatible out of the box, So you can focus on building your perfect game!


  • Multiplayer Support
  • Full Crafting System
  • Save System
  • First/Third Person Camera Toggle
  • Live Character Portrait
  • Random Item Spawners
  • Storage Container
  • Customizable UMG UI
  • Full Equipment System
  • Starvation and Dehydration States
  • Weight System
  • Add New Items And Crafting Recipes Easily
  • Health, Hunger, Thirst And Stamina stats
  • Use, Equip, Move, Split, Unequip and Stack
  • Crafting Queue System
  • Sprint System
  • Video Tutorials
  • Full Documentation
  • Commented Blueprints

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 40
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac

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